20 August 2008

More from my Etsy faves

A few higher end jewelry pieces from my favorites on Etsy.

Gasmask Necklace by ballandchain:

Squid Necklace with moving pieces by maggiejs:

17 August 2008

Etsy Shopping

The other day I had some spending money saved up and decided to get some things off of Etsy. While shopping I found many a splendid thing while lurking deeper in the depths of Etsy than I normally venture. I purchased a hand mirror from Kate Black that says "Babies Creep Me Out" with a retro-kitchy redhead on it and a babydoll tank top with a Victorian couple on a bicycle built for two screenprinted on the side from Deadworry. Here are a few finds...

An amazing glaze on a coffee mug from budalapottery:

Mustache Rides pocket mirror from KateBlack:

Acrylic Victorian Bow Necklace from paraphernalia:

Spent the better half of my day off searching for things "worthy" of my precious little saved for Etsy.


27 June 2008

So much steampunk, so little time...

For those of us in the know about Etsy we know we can find anything our crafty little heart desires. For those of you without any knowledge of Etsy go to their website and look at all the amazing handmade items you can find. My store is Eclectic Circle where you will find a few of my mom's quilts for sale. Here in this blog you will find a collection lovely neo-victorian-steampunk looking items that will grow as they come across my search engine. Thanks for stopping by!

listing for print of image in post

a hat I want so bad I can't stand it


spats with clock fabric